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salem-movie-still-3Sometimes Google and WikiHow offer very funny stuff. I was searching for news about the next conference I have to attend to and I bumped into this bizarre decalogue (actually there are more than ten things to do) about how to make people think you’re a Witch. Firstly I thought: ‘What a stupid idea! Why should people think you’re a Witch?’. In fact there’s no better way to show who you are than being yourself. Then I began to read and I found it very funny, that’s why I decided to write this post. If you want people think you are a Witch you must:

  1. Wear black and dark coloured clothes if you feel this is witch like
  2. Wear makeup a witch would wear (smoky eyes, for example)
  3. If you are in school, to convince people you are a witch, don’t speak much.
  4. Be intense, like you can see right through anyone.
  5. Do well in school.
  6. Learn how to read runes, or speak a language like Latin, or a Celtic language.
  7. Never take off your necklace.
  8. Carry strange objects around.
  9. Act worried close to full moons.
  10. Sing-song a spell or a mysterious song (bonus points if in another language) while you’re doing something mundane.
  11. Change the subject quickly if the subject of witchcraft or witches ever come up.
  12. Make strange things happen.
  13. Act scared, but quickly deny it if anybody ever accuses you of being a witch.
  14. Tell allied spirits that you are a witch and become good friends.
  15. Carry around a journal or notebook with spells in it.

Read the entire How to here: How to make people think you’re a Witch