godwardHello, my friends. Today I’d like to thank Bianca Rita Cataldi and Aura Conte for their amazing reviews of my novel:

I’ve read this book incredibly fast because I just couldn’t stop reading. Since the beginning of the story, my only thought has been “How is this gonna end?”. Morgana LeFay really knows how to keep the reader in suspense. At every end of chapter, you feel the need to go on and on through the pages. This book let you travel in the past and recognise the Latin world with its traditions, language, formulas and families. The idea of “fides”, as Latin tradition intended it, is in this book alongside love, honesty, pride. Cornelia is a wonderful character. She’s not only pretty and young, but also intelligent and wise. When her world seems to crush down, she knows how to protect whom and who she loves.(Bianca Rita Cataldi)

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Lo stile del libro mi ha colpito molto. Morgana LeFay ha decisamente fatto incredibili studi prima di scriverlo. Ci sono delle parti interessantissime riguardo le cerimonie dell’antica Roma. Se siete amanti della storia e di quel periodo, vi consiglio indubitatamente di leggerlo.(Aura Conte)

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