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1513788_10205736046741254_5043741461249004601_nMargherita (Maggie) Marullo is an amazing woman. She is the owner of Life Is Beautiful Travel Sacred Tours and Travels, a travel company with over 25 years of global travel planning experience for individuals, city governments, organizations, and corporations, as well as over 15 years of self-travel planning to various countries around the world, such as Scotland, England, Ireland, India, Nepal, Italy and France. The agency offers interesting tours to sacred sites around Scotland and other destinations. If you have an interest in the sacred sites, leylines, history of the Knights Templar and St. Clair/Sinclair family, have a look at Maggie’s sites:



I have asked Maggie to tell me something about herself and her agency…

What gave you the idea to organise tours with a spiritual theme?

From August 2007 to February 2012, I was blessed to be the facilitator/speaker for the Institute of Noetic Sciences community group in my City, wherein I lectured and held monthly presentations on various subjects in relation to consciousness, sacred sites, energy fields, leylines, vortexes, Sacred Geometry, Gematria, Mary Magdalene, the Divine Feminine, the ancient teachings and history around the world. During my time with Noetic Sciences, attendees of the monthly group meetings displayed a sincere interest in visiting these locations with me, and continuously asked me if I ever planned on doing “tours” to the sacred sites, as not only had I studied them extensively, I had also researched them in person. At that time, I felt it was necessary to speak to the group about the importance of these locations and topics, and devoted my time to lecturing about them, putting aside thoughts of organizing sacred tours. I believe the Universe sends us messages… signs… guides us down certain paths, and opens certain doors for us – only for us to choose whether or not we will walk through them or ignore them. After leaving Noetic Sciences, I felt something missing in my life… a connection to the Divine energy, the Gnosis that I knew was within my reach. Last year, the Universe reiterated its message loudly, and sent me several signs to start my own travel and tour business. This time I listened and followed the signs. I had felt myself being strongly pulled to re-discover and re-connect with the sacred sites and energies around the globe more passionately than ever. While being guided by the Universe in this direction (that it had obviously attempted to previously guide me to while I was lecturing) I was blessed to connect with two incredibly gifted, spiritual Goddess sisters through social media and emails, Eagle Colleen and Deborah McLernon. During our conversations, I told them of my desire to organize sacred tours, wanting to connect individuals to the energies of the planet, the Divine Feminine, Gods/Goddesses and the sacred sites. I also told them that I felt a strong connection towards them and desire to bring them on as part of the sacred tours, knowing they were part of the Divine Sacred Feminine plan the Universe had in store for us. They affirmed my signs from the Universe by telling me they too felt this pull and had a deep desire to bring people to the sacred sites, as well and speak about them. Instantly, a Goddess-hood trinity of strong, like-minded women was formed uniting us to our passions, and from that point forward, everything came into alignment and flowed positively for the sacred/spiritually themed tours to take place.

How did you decide on which places to visit? And why?

I’ve had many blessed opportunities to travel around the world and visit some of the most amazing and beautiful sacred sites, from Mexico, to Scotland, England, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. My sojourns to these incredible locations, grounded and connected to me to some of the most sacred and spiritual sites of this world. That experience, matched with my time spent lecturing on these various locations and my strong passion for researching the ancient teachings, ancient history, Sacred Geometry and spirituality resonated deeply with me, and I knew it would resonate deeply with people who felt that same connection and resonation. After many meditations and the same resonations moving through those I connected with to be a part of these sacred tours, once again the Universe divinely sent signs for me to follow. Scotland, England and Europe are laden with some of the most magical, mystical, ancient and energetic locations in history. From the teachings and history of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the Knights Templar, Cathars, Celtic, Norse, Roman Gods/Goddesses and Freemasons… every location has been blessed with their knowledge, wisdom, energy and love for the Divine Feminine, our planet, and the cosmos. They have left their markings, their signature, Gnosis… hidden in plain sight for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. It is that call that beckons to one’s soul to visit these places… a call that runs through our blood and connects us to the ancient as if they were by our side today. It is a call that is undeniable and draws you like a moth to a flame, each path unique to the seeker. These are special, sacred pilgrimages, if you will, not a tourist tour. My desire is not to rush people through various sites and locations in a non-stop day filled with chaos, hopping on and off a bus in throngs. My focus is organizing a more intimate group setting, and that of bringing authentic information to those who are seeking the same path, helping them to connect to the earth meaningfully, follow the sacred path of truth and wisdom, and honorably and respectfully connect to Gaia’s energy, the sacred sites and Sacred Geometric patterns that canvas our planet like brushstrokes on a painting. It’s that call that led to my decision of which places to visit and take seekers of the same path to.

Who is your target market?

Ecumenical in my beliefs, I am not “targeting” a specific market. I am allowing the Universe to guide those that are drawn to what resonates with them… those that hear that call, to connect to their ancestors, ancient homelands, past lives. Those that are like-minded and open to not only learning, but being… connecting their energy with that which our ancestors did before them. I believe those who feel an unexplainable connection to a particular country, location, part of history that resonates with them and is “familiar” will be drawn to these sacred tours. There is a hunger in people like-minded in these beliefs, that have a thirst to re-nourish their soul and re-connect to their past, while linking it to their present. The energies of the earth and these sacred sites speak to those who feel that hunger and will have a strong desire to be a part of that.

Has anyone ever had any “strange” experiences during one of your tours?

I don’t believe any one person’s experiences are “strange.” Each of us connect to these places differently… see things and understand them differently. We are One with this planet, the cosmos and each other… One energy linking us to the past and present. That energy ebbs and flows throughout each person uniquely, and transforms their reaction to a particular site or location personally for them, a resonation with their own soul… their call. Their experiences are not wrong and are not for us to judge or discredit. It’s theirs, just as my experiences are mine. They are all beautiful and respected.

Have you any plans to organise similar tours in other countries?

Absolutely! Our world is rich in history, ancestry, legends and myths. As our motto states, “We see the world and everything within it as a beautiful canvas… a painting waiting to be seen and experienced.” Each country has their own canvas… their own story to tell, a masterpiece they’ve created… yet they are linked in one way or another. The ancestors of those countries built amazing structures, carved and carried enormous stones by hand and strategically placed them along energy lines (leylines) around the globe, while following the astronomical patterns in the night sky to help them illuminate these beautiful, sacred sites during particular astronomical events – revealing their secrets to those who will listen and truly see. They left symbols, patterns, messages within the earth and stones guiding us to connect with them and learn, absorb… heed that call. That which you see in the cosmos, you will find upon the earth. As above, so below. I’m grateful and blessed to be able to help people connect with their deepest resonation and desire to learn more and experience more, and I’m looking forward to all the continued beautiful connections I will make along the way.