A wonderful Italian Review


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I’m flattered and happy to show you the amazing Italian review to my novel The Emperor’s List written by Marty a beautiful Italian blogger who gave my novel 4 stars!

Thank you, Marty… these are the teaser she made for the review

Read the whole review here: Leggere per vivere bene – The Emperor’s List

Buy the eBook here: Morgana Lefay – The Emperor’s List



The Beltane Fire Festival!


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Copyright Martin McCarthy for Beltane Fire Society. All Rights Reserved. http://www.beltane.org

What’s that coming over Calton Hill? Yes, it’s the annual Beltane Fire Festival!

Celebrating the beginning of the summer season, this unique festival draws inspiration from ancient Gaelic traditions and the age-old Beltane festival, as Edinburgh’s populace gets pagan and elemental dancing and dazzling fire displays become the evening’s entertainment.

Look out for the variety of characters on show too, like the magisterial May Queen and the red men, who give the event a wholly otherworldly feel. It’s as if the creatures from Pan’s Labyrinth grew sick of Spain and came to Scotland for their holidays, losing clothes and gaining an excitable fearlessness along the way.

Then once their majestic story is played out, a bonfire is lit and the dancing commences, gleefully ensuring a mass celebration of the death of spring and the birth of summer. Just don’t wear anything flammable.

Read the whole article here: The Beltane Fire Festival – Edinburgh

Buy tickets: Beltane Fire – Tickets

How to make people think you’re a Witch – Funny things from the internet!


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salem-movie-still-3Sometimes Google and WikiHow offer very funny stuff. I was searching for news about the next conference I have to attend to and I bumped into this bizarre decalogue (actually there are more than ten things to do) about how to make people think you’re a Witch. Firstly I thought: ‘What a stupid idea! Why should people think you’re a Witch?’. In fact there’s no better way to show who you are than being yourself. Then I began to read and I found it very funny, that’s why I decided to write this post. If you want people think you are a Witch you must:

  1. Wear black and dark coloured clothes if you feel this is witch like
  2. Wear makeup a witch would wear (smoky eyes, for example)
  3. If you are in school, to convince people you are a witch, don’t speak much.
  4. Be intense, like you can see right through anyone.
  5. Do well in school.
  6. Learn how to read runes, or speak a language like Latin, or a Celtic language.
  7. Never take off your necklace.
  8. Carry strange objects around.
  9. Act worried close to full moons.
  10. Sing-song a spell or a mysterious song (bonus points if in another language) while you’re doing something mundane.
  11. Change the subject quickly if the subject of witchcraft or witches ever come up.
  12. Make strange things happen.
  13. Act scared, but quickly deny it if anybody ever accuses you of being a witch.
  14. Tell allied spirits that you are a witch and become good friends.
  15. Carry around a journal or notebook with spells in it.

Read the entire How to here: How to make people think you’re a Witch 

Tv series about witches


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streghe-east-end-visore-42941_bigHello everyone and happy new year!

I want to talk to you about tv series I love which main characters are witches.

The first one (and maybe the best one as well) is The Witches of East End.

I already wrote something about the book, but now I want to focus on the tv series.

Witches of East End is an American tv series based on the books written by Melissa de la Cruz. The series is set in the fictional seaside town of East End, it follows the lives of a family of witches – Joanna Beauchamp (Julia Ormond) and her two daughters, Freya Beauchamp (Jenna Dewan Tatum) and Ingrid Beauchamp (Rachel Boston), as well as her sister Wendy Beauchamp (Mädchen Amick).

Unfortunately, after two seasons, Lifetime cancelled Witches of East End on November 4, 2014, due to low ratings in the second season. The series finale aired on October 5, 2014.

Evil events and strange dreams are conspiring against Joanna’s efforts to live like a normal human, as well as against Freya’s efforts to have a stress-free engagement and marriage. Before the episode’s end, flowers have burst into flames, photographs have come to life and two people have been rather gorily murdered.

But the proceedings never turn too dark, thanks to zippy repartee among the stars. Ms. Amick is hilarious, and Ms. Dewan Tatum and Ms. Boston make a pretty amusing pair of mismatched sisters.

There is a lot of heavy fare on television on Sunday nights. If “Witches” can retain its wry tone, it will be a satisfying alternative for viewers looking for a lighter way to end the weekend.

The New York Times – “Witches of East End sweep in on Lifetime”

Two reviews for The Emperor’s List

godwardHello, my friends. Today I’d like to thank Bianca Rita Cataldi and Aura Conte for their amazing reviews of my novel:

I’ve read this book incredibly fast because I just couldn’t stop reading. Since the beginning of the story, my only thought has been “How is this gonna end?”. Morgana LeFay really knows how to keep the reader in suspense. At every end of chapter, you feel the need to go on and on through the pages. This book let you travel in the past and recognise the Latin world with its traditions, language, formulas and families. The idea of “fides”, as Latin tradition intended it, is in this book alongside love, honesty, pride. Cornelia is a wonderful character. She’s not only pretty and young, but also intelligent and wise. When her world seems to crush down, she knows how to protect whom and who she loves.(Bianca Rita Cataldi)

Keep on reading the review clicking here: The Emperor’s List on Not so Redhead

Lo stile del libro mi ha colpito molto. Morgana LeFay ha decisamente fatto incredibili studi prima di scriverlo. Ci sono delle parti interessantissime riguardo le cerimonie dell’antica Roma. Se siete amanti della storia e di quel periodo, vi consiglio indubitatamente di leggerlo.(Aura Conte)

Keep on reading the review clicking here: The Emperor’s list on Aura Conte Official

The book of the week


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moyen-ageHi, I’m back from France where I was with my mother. We went together to the Musée du Moyen Âge of Cluny and I bought this amazing book: it’s in French but I bet you can find something similar in English as well.

Meanwhile I found this interesting blog about French and Italian myths and legends: Legends of Medieval France and Italy

The blogger: Linda C. McCabe is the author of Quest of the Warrior Maiden: Volume one in the Bradamante and Ruggiero series. She spent a month in France scouring museums and trekking through medieval hilltop villages in the Midi-Pyrenees researching her novel. She is a past-president of Redwood Writers and has had essays published in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, the Los Angeles Times and Redwood Writers’ anthologies as well as the Centennial Edition of the California Writers Club Anthology West Winds. McCabe lives in Northern California with her husband and teenaged son.

Bless you and à la prochaine!

I’m back!

witchFinally, I’m back! I had a very busy period, my friends. I hope you’re all fine.

To celebrate my blog rebirth I want to share with you a music of the great musician Brunuhville and say thank you to my friend Gotreck for the encouragement.







The book of the weekend


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jenna-dewan-witches-of-east-end-poster-trailer-04Hello everyone. I’m enjoying the wonderful the Witches of East End saga by Melissa de la Cruz. The first book (2011) follows a family of Long Island witches struggling against dark forces conspiring against them. Witches of East End is de la Cruz’s first adult novel. The first novel currently has two sequels: Serpent’s Kiss (2012) and Winds of Salem (2013).

In 2012, Lifetime announced their intentions to film a television pilot for Witches of East End. Filming for the pilot took place in Macon, Georgia and Wilmington, North Carolina, with Julia Ormond starring as Joanna Beauchamp. Rachel Boston and Jenna Dewan-Tatum were later announced as being attached to the pilot, playing Ingrid and Freya respectively. After two seasons, Lifetime cancelled Witches of East End on November 4, 2014, due to low ratings in the second season. The series finale aired on October 5, 2014.

See also: Witches of East End

The amazing Sam Marks


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96jBbGBD.jpg-smallSam Marks is a young composer and musician from Sydney, Australia. I got to know him on Twitter and I have heard some of his beautiful and original compositions. So I thought it would be interesting to introduce him to you. Here are some questions I asked him regarding his work and a sample of his “mystical” music.

When did you first become interested in music?

I started playing piano when I was about 5 years old, so I guess I could say my interest for music started there. I was lucky that my parents are musical and wanted me to learn an instrument. I fell in love with Romantic period music and composers such as Beethoven. It was Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” that really drew me in to that style of music. My mum used to play it a lot and then I decided I wanted to learn it. It’s a slow, powerful, melodically and harmonically beautiful and interesting piece. This style of music would stay with me for a long time and is now influencing me more than ever, especially in my compositions. I stopped playing piano seriously at the age of 12 and took up the guitar as my focus. My dad is a great blues and jazz pianist, which had an effect on how I moved through altering genres of music. I became heavily interested and passionate in rock music at at the age of 8 when Blink 182’s “All the Small things” came out. I went up and bought their EP from my local CD shop. Limp Bizkit’s “Chocolate Starfish and the Hotdog Flavoured Water” was released when I was 9 years old. This is where my passion for heavy rock and metal started. There was no way I was going to ask my mum to buy this album for me as it was for “mature” audiences and contained explicit language. So I gave it a crack and went to the shop to buy it, and to my complete enjoyment was able to buy it. I guess the guy behind the counter liked the fact that a 9 year old was into Limp Bizkit? who knows. My mum hated me listening to it, but I still did anyway. I was in love with the power of this new type of music and felt a huge connection with it. From the ages of 13-18 I flooded my brain with all kinds of music – Rock, Heavy Rock, Metal, Thrash, Hip Hop, Rap, Country, but it was the rock genres that I was and still am most passionate about. I started a band when I was 14 in high school, which went no where. At 19 I started a punk rock band called Headrush with some of my mates. We played a lot of shows, released and EP, and started building a large fan base. This band came to an end and I have now started a new heavy rock band called White Bay. We are currently in the process of recording our Debut EP in Sydney.

Which musicians do you get your inspiration from? Why?

I get inspiration from many different musicians for different reasons and at different times. For rock and similar styles I get inspiration from Myles Kennedy of the band “Alter Bridge” (He is an amazing vocalist), Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters as a band, Tom Delong of Blink 182 and Angels and Airwaves, Deryck Whibley of Sum 41, Fred Durst and Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit, Chad Kroeger of Nickelback (so many people hate him but I think he’s a prolific song writer and amazing talent), Dexter Holland of The Offspring. I could keep listing people. I haven’t yet mentioned any of the blues or country artists who inspire me. I’ll save that for another time! For composing orchestrally I love Howard Shore who did the Lord of the Rings Score, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Bear McCreary, Gustav Mahler, Antonin Dvorak. Again, I could keep listing but these are some of my favourites! All of these people inspire me because of their creativity, abilities, originality, and the power they draw from their music. I support I just connect with their music!

Is there a particular tv series or film that you would have like to have written the soundtrack for? 

So many… I would have loved to do The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Battlestar Galactica, The Lord of the Rings, Vikings, Midnight in Paris, Manhattan, Band of Brothers, and a bunch of others including some Disney stuff. I could keep listing but I need to draw the line somewhere. The sound tracks for these shows and movies are incredible though I would rather have the music in my life to inspire me for when (if) I get the chance to ever compose for a series or movie.

Which book would you like to see made into a film for which you could write the soundtrack?

There’s a couple of great young adult serious that I think would make great TV shows. They are the “Circle of Magic” series by Tamora Pierce, and “The Rangers Apprentice” by John Flanagan. There’s also a great adult fantasy series called “The Wheel of Time” by Robert Jordan, but I’m not sure if this has been made into any movies yet. Also a great book called “The Children of the Dust” which is a post apocalyptic style book.

What are you working on at the moment?

Lately I’ve been working my arse off composing and trying build a profile online (where I met Morgana). For the past few days I have been working hard on a new 9 minute Celtic Fantasy piece that I should have finished in the next day or so and ready to upload. As I said earlier, I am currently in the process of recording my bands EP. I am going in to continue recording vocals next Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and I’m really excited. It’s sounding really big and great. I cannot wait to show you!

Listen to Sam’ music and follow him on Facebook:


The sacred tours of Scotland. Interview with Maggie Marullo


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1513788_10205736046741254_5043741461249004601_nMargherita (Maggie) Marullo is an amazing woman. She is the owner of Life Is Beautiful Travel Sacred Tours and Travels, a travel company with over 25 years of global travel planning experience for individuals, city governments, organizations, and corporations, as well as over 15 years of self-travel planning to various countries around the world, such as Scotland, England, Ireland, India, Nepal, Italy and France. The agency offers interesting tours to sacred sites around Scotland and other destinations. If you have an interest in the sacred sites, leylines, history of the Knights Templar and St. Clair/Sinclair family, have a look at Maggie’s sites:



I have asked Maggie to tell me something about herself and her agency…

What gave you the idea to organise tours with a spiritual theme?

From August 2007 to February 2012, I was blessed to be the facilitator/speaker for the Institute of Noetic Sciences community group in my City, wherein I lectured and held monthly presentations on various subjects in relation to consciousness, sacred sites, energy fields, leylines, vortexes, Sacred Geometry, Gematria, Mary Magdalene, the Divine Feminine, the ancient teachings and history around the world. During my time with Noetic Sciences, attendees of the monthly group meetings displayed a sincere interest in visiting these locations with me, and continuously asked me if I ever planned on doing “tours” to the sacred sites, as not only had I studied them extensively, I had also researched them in person. At that time, I felt it was necessary to speak to the group about the importance of these locations and topics, and devoted my time to lecturing about them, putting aside thoughts of organizing sacred tours. I believe the Universe sends us messages… signs… guides us down certain paths, and opens certain doors for us – only for us to choose whether or not we will walk through them or ignore them. After leaving Noetic Sciences, I felt something missing in my life… a connection to the Divine energy, the Gnosis that I knew was within my reach. Last year, the Universe reiterated its message loudly, and sent me several signs to start my own travel and tour business. This time I listened and followed the signs. I had felt myself being strongly pulled to re-discover and re-connect with the sacred sites and energies around the globe more passionately than ever. While being guided by the Universe in this direction (that it had obviously attempted to previously guide me to while I was lecturing) I was blessed to connect with two incredibly gifted, spiritual Goddess sisters through social media and emails, Eagle Colleen and Deborah McLernon. During our conversations, I told them of my desire to organize sacred tours, wanting to connect individuals to the energies of the planet, the Divine Feminine, Gods/Goddesses and the sacred sites. I also told them that I felt a strong connection towards them and desire to bring them on as part of the sacred tours, knowing they were part of the Divine Sacred Feminine plan the Universe had in store for us. They affirmed my signs from the Universe by telling me they too felt this pull and had a deep desire to bring people to the sacred sites, as well and speak about them. Instantly, a Goddess-hood trinity of strong, like-minded women was formed uniting us to our passions, and from that point forward, everything came into alignment and flowed positively for the sacred/spiritually themed tours to take place.

How did you decide on which places to visit? And why?

I’ve had many blessed opportunities to travel around the world and visit some of the most amazing and beautiful sacred sites, from Mexico, to Scotland, England, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. My sojourns to these incredible locations, grounded and connected to me to some of the most sacred and spiritual sites of this world. That experience, matched with my time spent lecturing on these various locations and my strong passion for researching the ancient teachings, ancient history, Sacred Geometry and spirituality resonated deeply with me, and I knew it would resonate deeply with people who felt that same connection and resonation. After many meditations and the same resonations moving through those I connected with to be a part of these sacred tours, once again the Universe divinely sent signs for me to follow. Scotland, England and Europe are laden with some of the most magical, mystical, ancient and energetic locations in history. From the teachings and history of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the Knights Templar, Cathars, Celtic, Norse, Roman Gods/Goddesses and Freemasons… every location has been blessed with their knowledge, wisdom, energy and love for the Divine Feminine, our planet, and the cosmos. They have left their markings, their signature, Gnosis… hidden in plain sight for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. It is that call that beckons to one’s soul to visit these places… a call that runs through our blood and connects us to the ancient as if they were by our side today. It is a call that is undeniable and draws you like a moth to a flame, each path unique to the seeker. These are special, sacred pilgrimages, if you will, not a tourist tour. My desire is not to rush people through various sites and locations in a non-stop day filled with chaos, hopping on and off a bus in throngs. My focus is organizing a more intimate group setting, and that of bringing authentic information to those who are seeking the same path, helping them to connect to the earth meaningfully, follow the sacred path of truth and wisdom, and honorably and respectfully connect to Gaia’s energy, the sacred sites and Sacred Geometric patterns that canvas our planet like brushstrokes on a painting. It’s that call that led to my decision of which places to visit and take seekers of the same path to.

Who is your target market?

Ecumenical in my beliefs, I am not “targeting” a specific market. I am allowing the Universe to guide those that are drawn to what resonates with them… those that hear that call, to connect to their ancestors, ancient homelands, past lives. Those that are like-minded and open to not only learning, but being… connecting their energy with that which our ancestors did before them. I believe those who feel an unexplainable connection to a particular country, location, part of history that resonates with them and is “familiar” will be drawn to these sacred tours. There is a hunger in people like-minded in these beliefs, that have a thirst to re-nourish their soul and re-connect to their past, while linking it to their present. The energies of the earth and these sacred sites speak to those who feel that hunger and will have a strong desire to be a part of that.

Has anyone ever had any “strange” experiences during one of your tours?

I don’t believe any one person’s experiences are “strange.” Each of us connect to these places differently… see things and understand them differently. We are One with this planet, the cosmos and each other… One energy linking us to the past and present. That energy ebbs and flows throughout each person uniquely, and transforms their reaction to a particular site or location personally for them, a resonation with their own soul… their call. Their experiences are not wrong and are not for us to judge or discredit. It’s theirs, just as my experiences are mine. They are all beautiful and respected.

Have you any plans to organise similar tours in other countries?

Absolutely! Our world is rich in history, ancestry, legends and myths. As our motto states, “We see the world and everything within it as a beautiful canvas… a painting waiting to be seen and experienced.” Each country has their own canvas… their own story to tell, a masterpiece they’ve created… yet they are linked in one way or another. The ancestors of those countries built amazing structures, carved and carried enormous stones by hand and strategically placed them along energy lines (leylines) around the globe, while following the astronomical patterns in the night sky to help them illuminate these beautiful, sacred sites during particular astronomical events – revealing their secrets to those who will listen and truly see. They left symbols, patterns, messages within the earth and stones guiding us to connect with them and learn, absorb… heed that call. That which you see in the cosmos, you will find upon the earth. As above, so below. I’m grateful and blessed to be able to help people connect with their deepest resonation and desire to learn more and experience more, and I’m looking forward to all the continued beautiful connections I will make along the way.